This time of year, it’s always hard to get much done. Everybody takes this and last week off for the holidays. So I forego any type of coordinating with museums. People get back into the swing of things the first week of January, and I will be calling them that week to get back on track. The deadline to get on the agenda for the next Review Committee meeting is February 4. That is just right around the corner, so I have to make sure the museums that have agreed to do a disposition are ready and the tribes support letters are in to the museum. Support letters from tribes is crucial for any type of joint claim.

This year has been very productive but next year has the potential to be just as, or even more productive. We have 5 museums leaning towards disposition of CUI, as well as several museums with items affiliated to LTBB. We have NAGPRA at 20 this November and our exhibit at Fort Necessity July 3 for the larger, group events. It’s exciting to be part of different projects that are beneficial to not just the tribal community, but the non-native community as well. unfortunately there are so many stereotypes of Indians still prevalent in mainstream society. We are seizing the opportunity for the Indians story to be told by the Indians themselves. NAGPRA is great for this, because when a tribe claims something, their identity and history are tied to those items.