I arrived home to Harbor Springs late last night. It was great to sit in my car and drive away from the airport. I wasn’t going to come into the office but since it’s a short work week due to the holidays, I thought an afternoon wouldn’t hurt. Most of the day has been spent replying to messages and organizing my material from the trip to D.C. I have interviews, along with some photos.  It was a very productive trip and as always, the National NAGPRA Program was great to work with. I feel that at any time I can call them up, ask questions or run ideas by them.

So today is getting reorganized in my office, sifting through all my mail and getting back into gear with a repatriation claim that has not had any attention lately. It’s about 75% done. I have to focus on getting this one claim out. As i am doing research for this claim or other research, I will often  “stumble” onto other information pertaining to future claims, and I start researching those. It’s easy to get started on different claims because I am so anxious for these items to get back and there are so many items out there! Sacred items, remains, funerary objects, all of which are just sitting, waiting for their claim to be written, hopefully setting them free. As you can see, I get excited, start working on different claims but eventually have to refocus my efforts to the original claim.