I am sitting here in my hotel, waiting to see if this record-setting snowstorm will start to slow down so I can fly home tomorrow. I was here as part of our documentation grant, interviewing staff from National NAGPRA and being interview by other staff at the NPS. The trip was very productive and I am glad the weather held off until last night. The metro is now shut down, road are impassable and the airport is also out of commission. Life on the road with NAGPRA.

Once I do get back home, I have a reburial to perform. Almost all of the claims and dispositions we have out are almost done. A few are in the federal register notice stage and we probably won’t be able to retrieve those items until Spring. When I posted earlier about how travel dictates weather, I didn’t think it would dictate here in D.C. I feel the notice section of our manual will be very helpful and very comprehensive, as will the templates and contacts chapter. It’s exciting to see things take shape and to continue to gather advice from a plethora of sources.