Communication within our department is a key ingredient in production. A good part of the other  morning was spent with my director about a multitude of projects we have in works and what steps are needed to ensure these projects are going forward. Some of the projects are NAGPRA related, some are not. But we discuss what needs to be done and go from there. Usually after these meetings I am sending e-mails out all over and on the phone. My director gives me a great deal of freedom to operate, which also helps.

Yesterday morning I have an interview with an elderly gentleman from our area. He is 91 and grew up in the same place I did, Cross Village, Mi. He has come to different presentations I have given in the past year and he expressed an interest in talking with me more, since we both are from CV. I am finally getting around on taking him up on his offer. He is not a tribal member but it’s no matter, he has a good recollection of our area and the Odawas who once lived there. This older generation is such a valuable source of information and knowledge. They lived in times vastly different than ours and I think it’s important to capture that information.

The writing for our repatriation manual is in full gear. It’s exciting to see the ideas take form on paper and to incorporate other peoples ideas. This manual is a lot of work but the work is enjoyable, which makes it much easier. Plus winter is not letting up on northern Michigan, so if I get snowed in, literally snowed into my house, I can always work from home on writing chapters for our project.