After digging out my car from the snow bank that used to be my driveway, I finally got to work. Many times the work in NAGPRA is repetitive and tedious, but it has to get done. I keep my list of museums I have to contact, to see where they are at in their own NAGRPA developments. Some times multiple calls are made, sometimes not. Today was spent coordinating for the upcoming dispositions for the next Review Committee meeting. We have one official yes, with several leaning towards yes but need official word from the higher-ups at their institution. So today was spent for the most part on the phone, calling and organizing. The work can not be allowed to stall out, it has to be kept moving forward.

Along with dispositions, a few loose ends were addressed. Requesting inventories is an ongoing task. We are also working on a few exhibits with other institutions for next year. Those projects also need momentum. One of the exhibits is for a historic village at Mackinac, 1880-1914. I think it will be a great educational tool, to show why Odawa people were making the transition from wigwam to log cabin, and many times the story is not a happy one. Honest, accurate interpretation of history is what we aim for, whether in NAGRPA repatriation claims or cultural preservation.