As the snow falls more steadily here, it reminds me to shift gears in work. Our cultural preservation office is dictated by the weather in northern Michigan, so it’s time to put away any power tools and schedule out-door activities for next year. Travel is cut back during the winter months also, we had a few flights cancelled last year due to blizzards, so we limit the travel to what is essential. Winter means finalizing the dispositions for the spring Review Committee meetings, along with getting a few reparation claims out for LTBB. It amazes me just how much stuff of ours is floating around in museums, not just in the USA, but around the world, in particular England, Austria and Canada.

Today was broken up into meetings, coordinating repatriation pick-ups and responding to all sorts of messages, most of them NAGPRA related.  This is why it’s good to take advantage of days which are strictly writing and research, because some days are just spent doing so many things. Winter also provides me more time to request inventories from museums, something I have gotten away from in the last year. With the above mentioned museum in Austria, I have been hounding them about some items affiliated to our tribe. I want this museum to know that we, as Odawa people, are still here, we still hold those items sacred and we want them back. Not on loan or any type of display, but permanently returned to their rightful owners. I haven’t got a response back yet but I will keep trying.