Today entirely spent researching and writing for our current repatriation claim. These days are surprisingly rare, I usually have a meeting or some body pops in my office for information. I was able to cover some ground, and one can tell when I am in the midst of a claim because books are all over my desk, with sticky notes tagging pages and a note pad scribbled with notes. If an idea comes to light, write it down immediately. I have all my points and ideas scattered about and I pull them in for the finished product. My garbage can is also full of empty coffee cups, another sign.

I’ve been taking books home to read them at night and this reminds me of growing up at Cross Village and going to the last one room school in operation at the time in Michigan. When my grade would finish our work, we would read to keep quiet and entertain ourselves. We read what we wanted and we loved it. Now, I am reading what I want still but only this time it’s benefiting not only myself but others in ways I would have never imagined. I make it a point to drive out to these spots I research as much as possible, like Cross Village, the Straits of Mackinac and make sure I stop  and take time to remember why these areas are so special to me and my tribe.