A large part of yesterday was spent in an interview with the local newspaper about the Sarasota Review Committee meeting. Our department has been interviewed a few times in regard to our work and I feel it’s an excellent opportunity to educate people on what the tribe does outside of gaming. So many times when I mention I work for a tribe, it’s automatically assumed I work in the casino. The fact my tribe has created a position that focuses on remains and items to be returned fascinates many people. Many people ask why we pursue ancient remains and items, and we tell them it’s all about our identity as Anishnaabe people, our beliefs in who we are, not what others tell us. As I mentioned in earlier posts, the vast majority of people I have encountered support tribes reclaiming remains and items.

I finally started on the next repatriation claim. When we are focusing on an area that historically has other tribes present there, we ask for support from those tribes on the repatriation. In a sense it’s a joint claim, with LTBB taking the lead. We feel it’s respectful to acknowledge these other tribes. It’s exciting to start on a new claim, seeing what evidence is best to use, other resources, other claims as reference and most importantly, trying to get these people off of the shelves and  out of the basements and back into the ground.