It’s been bothering me that I haven’t started a new claim in a few months, bothering me so much that while I was at the gym last night I kept thinking about getting the next claim out. So first thing this morning I arranged my two primary sources for the claim and got to work. During the 70s, some museums published books about the larger archeological digs they performed  in Michigan. One of these site/books was later affiliated to LTBB. I use this book all the time to support other reparations and it was written by one of the premier schools in Michigan by a respected scholar. It holds weight in the academic circles, which is good, because unfortunately, a tribe’s oral history is not taken into the same consideration. If a few books can help return some of our ancestors, then by all means.

With winter right around the corner, probably next week, I have to start thinking about what I will prioritize claim wise, between December-March. Last year we were able to submit a good number of claims and by the time spring rolled around, the claims were ready for us to pick up. I particularly don’t like driving in snowy conditions, so I utilize the down time to research and write more.