One of the essential requirements for a repatriation/disposition is the clarity of control, legal ownership of the remains in question. I am working with a federal agency and a museum, both have remains from the same site but neither want to claim control of the remains. We have to figure out who is going to claim control and make the final decisions regarding these remains. They are CUI, so this complicates things more. Now that is issue is raised with both the Federal Agency and Museum, hopefully somebody will make a determination. If not, these old ones have to sit in limbo, which is something they have been doing long enough.

The trip to Minnesota was great, it was good to see other communities still practicing their traditions and using their sacred items. It’s sad to think about all the other similar sacred objects I have seen in other museums across the country. Being around ceremonies where the objects are being used is a much different feeling then being around them when they are locked away in a storage cabinet. In the museum, the feeling was much more heavy. A few weeks ago we had some items returned to us, one of them has been out of the community for over 100yrs. Now it’s back home and it’s a wonderful feeling to have it back. It’s like a piece of your identity is recovered, something our people used is back, where it belongs.