I feel like I have a bit of a NAGPRA hang over, so much happened over a short period of time in Sarasota. I am relieved the meeting is finished (and was a success in my opinion) and my reading obligations for that meeting are over. Now I can focus on the next repatriation claim on my agenda, which is for human remains. But before I can go 100% on claims, I must take care of cultural duties during this time of year. Fall is always a busy time for ceremonies for  my tribe and this year is no exception. Half of november will be spent “taking care of cultural business”, which I feel, makes the rest of the work run smoothly. Since we are dealing with people and sacred objects, it’s only fitting lots of prayers are made to help get them back.

It was such a great relief and a sense of happiness to see the museum I have worked with for over 2yrs get a recommendation for disposition this past week end. I had to recuse myself from any comments during the proceedings with this museum but afterwards I gave the NAGPRA rep for the museum a big hug and thanked her for working with us. We were both so happy to finally be near the end of this journey. So many meetings, phone calls, emails paid off. This is something we both will remember for the rest of our lives.