LTBB Odawa was awarded a consultation/documentation grant under the NPS for 2009. Our project is to put together a repatriation manual, a tool somebody new to a NAGPRA office can pick up and know what direction to head in the shortest amount of time. I am getting into the nuts and bolts of this, drafting chapters and transcribing interviews. The chapter I worked on today was for rules and regulations. And it always amazes me how short the actual NAGRPA law is but there is so many different interpretations of it. In order for progress to be made, both tribes and museums have to be following the same rules and guidelines. It is exciting to be working on something that could have the potiental to generate other claims from around the country. I am glad I kept good notes of all the previous repatriations and dispositions I worked on.

The majority of my day was spent working on this manual. I did get a phone call from another department saying a large ash tree blew down on the parking lot and they were wondering if I would be interested in the wood. I of course said yes and went over with the chainsaw to clean things up. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will pick up the wood. There are times I have to bolt out of the office and  take advantage of natural resources. Other departments work well with mine and alert me when things relative to my line of work are found. Fires are used for a wide array of cultural practices, many of which I use. But you need wood for fires and I am always on the look out for dead trees.