Today is a typical fall day in northern Michigan. Rainy and cold with the winds blowing the once colorful leaves from the trees. This time of year always reminds me of the ones who passed on. As a young child my family would take me to different families ghost suppers in the community. These are held in remembrance of our ancestors and these suppers are held in the fall. Also the graves are decorated, with bright paper mache flowers. From a very early age it was instilled in me the importance of remembering the ones before us. No matter if the ancestors are thousands of years old, you pay your respects. I am very fortunate to have this passed down from generation to generation in my community, it’s the foundation for my work.

With that said, the next repatriation claims are in the works. One for human remains and one for funerary objects. The funerary object claim is for one of the Smithsonian museums. They have a different set of laws and are not subject to NAGPRA. This file has been on my radar for months but I haven’t gotten the chance to get into it. I hate to make certain claims wait, but human remains are always top priority, and we’ve been quite busy in that department lately.