Of all the dispositions I have worked on, I have yet to work with a National Park. I recently contacted a National Park in the Mid-West about their collection of CUI from Michigan and it became complicated really fast. Two different museums came and excavated the remains. The National Park did not have physical possession of the remains and their was doubt as to who legally controlled them. Was it the Park or the Museum? I called the museum and asked them about this and they said the park has control, they were simply housing the remains. This was a simple fact but it’s huge. Not we know who can make decisions regarding the remains and hopefully move forward with a disposition. I am sending a list of other National Parks who have gone through with disposition process to the Park I have been working with, to show them you are not the first to do this. Examples are always good.

Another important phone call today was with the Jaime Lavallee at the National NAGPRA office. We have notices consistently going through her office and it’s always good to keep track of where we are in the process. Maybe there is a piece of information needed to help the process along, what ever we can do to help speed things up, we accomodate in whatever ways we can. I also feel obligated to see this work through to the end. I started it, I am going to see it finished. I like knowing when a notice is published, where a museum stands on a disposition, if a museum needs additional information for a notice or claim. We will provide information, but nothing that is sensitive.