The whole day was spent keeping our many NAGRPA projects moving forward. One museum, whose situation, I feel is similar to others, has a problem with their staff wanting to keep physical possession of the “material” i.e. human remains. The museum is moving in the direction of a disposition but some of the anthropology staff is fighting the process every step of the way. It’s getting to the point where the higher ups at the museum have to put their foot down and make it happen. Another thing we are gearing up for is our first dispute. A museum denied our claim for a sacred item, now we are going to the next step in getting that item back. We are not backing down and feel strongly in our claim. The dispute process is there and we are going to utilize it.

I have to keep a list of everything I do otherwise I will get lost in the work. My personal work list is created every month and it really keeps me on task. I also keep an on going work log of all the museums I work with, I divide in into out of state museums and in state museums. Every phone call, every significant email, meeting, claim, etc. gets logged. Today I went to my list and I saw potential repatriation claims and started the follow up work on these, making contact with the museums and letting them know we are still serious about repatriation. The dispositions take extra work, since at this time, it’s not mandatory for museums to return CUI. It’s imperative to keep in contact with the museums, and to make them realize this is an issue that is not going away and it’s of the utmost importance. While I was keeping track of the work that’s been done, I get to see what items are in the federal register process right now.