All of last Friday was spent transcribing interviews for our NAGPRA documentation grant. In going back and transcribing, I got a better chance to absorb the points made by the museum we are working with on this project. There are so many similarities between tribes and museums when it comes to NAGPRA. For example, both are: short on funds, staff is limited and performing multiple duties, a few people can make big decision affecting the outcome of work,(so it’s crucial to get these people the right information), both the tribe and museum must be dedicated to making progress and many times tribes and museum staff are new and need information. Once museums and tribes see the similarities they share, many times the work can be done cooperatively. Other issues/concerns were the need for more training and information.

Today was typical Monday stuff, responding to calls, emails and meeting with the boss on a game plan for the next week. Arranged my travel to the next tribe I have to visit under our grant, which is the Stockbridge-Munsee. Last week an elder from the community came to my office and requested I put a cross on his brother-in-laws grave. I shot out to Cross Village and did that today, this time of year we get a lot of these requests. I have a shed full of crosses and it’s time to start putting them in the cemeteries. Soon I will start the next repatriation claim for remains affiliated to LTBB.