Back in the office after a full week off. The whole day was spent responding to emails and phone messages. Section 106s were taken care of also. It was good I had a stack of Sec.106 to process, it gave me a chance to get back into the swing of being at work and in my office.  This past Saturday I had to break away from ceremonies and present for a few hours at the 135th annual Michigan Historical Conference on Mackinac Island. I spoke about what I do and just as importantly, why I do it (besides a job that pays the bills). People were very receptive and over all wanted to see the remains returned back to the tribes. Most of my crowd was from different libraries and schools from across the state. Some invited me to come and speak at their schools, which I would love to do, but funding is always an issue.  Some commented on how when they were kids Indian remains would be on display at novelty stores. Things have come a long way since then.

Now that fall is in full swing here, some of my duties will shift out doors. The Odawa in my area hold their annual feast of the dead or ghost suppers beginning the end of this month. families hold large suppers open to the community. Also, graves are decorated, so I have to make sure I get out to the cemeteries and make sure they are clean of tree limbs, dead trees and fix crosses. In a previous post, there is a picture of my work shed with rows of new crosses. Some of these will be used to replace old, broken crosses.

One of our dispositions from the Fall 08 meeting is ready to go, so we are arranging the pick up for those remains. More driving, more reburials, more work being done.