This is the first day back in the office in almost a week. The travel has been pretty intense but a lot of productivity has resulted from my time on the road. This Tuesday I drove down state 4.5hrs, spent the night and met with a museum Wednesday for a repatriation of human remains affiliated to LTBB Odawa. Yesterday I met with museum staff, had a good discussion about NAGRPA and physically retrieved the remains. I then drove back home and reburied the remains before dark. It was a very long day, but as always with a reburial, a rewarding one. Two more Anishnaabek are laid back to rest, now it’s time to start to work on the other 1,900 or so still in museums. The Agenda for the next NAGPRA Review Committee is posted on the National NAGRPA website and it’s good to see we are on the agenda for this. By the end of October, hopefully the next steps will be taken for another 100+ Anishnaabe to returned to the earth. This is one of the larger dispositions we have worked on. At this past May meeting we had a museum present with us, their total CUI being 130.  If it’s one individual or 100+ people, they all are treated with the same sense of respect and urgency. 

So today was spent catching up on messages, phone calls, emails and Sec. 106 replies. Our office is closed tomorrow for Michigan Indian Day. But I imagine I will be bringing books home to read over the week end. There is another collection of remains, I feel, LTBB has affiliation to. This makes two claims I need to get out this fall. As the old timers use to say in Cross Village, “make hay while the sun shines”.