We have today off at our tribal center for sovereignty day, but I had to come in and make a few calls, send a few emails because I was out basically all of last week traveling and I am back on the road tomorrow to pick up remains, returning Wednesday. I need to start bringing my reading material on the road because that’s where I will be a lot in the near future, on the road. Even with the documentation grant kicking into gear, and the NAGRPA Review Committee coming up next month, I want to get one more claim for remains out. It’s great to be busy and have all these projects going on, but the core of the work is getting remains and objects back, and I have to keep on task with this. It was great hearing the museum I met with last week confirm they want to go forward with a disposition. The work goes so much better when there is success to build upon, having that positive momentum to keep going forward.
Even in the middle of all this activity, I have to unplug from everything and go to ceremonies for a solid week from Sept. 30-Oct. 7. This also helps me keep grounded and reminds me in other ways why I do this work and helps so much with work. It give me the foundation for having the belief and drive to help bring back home these ancestors and objects. It’s so easy to get caught up in the paperwork, the laws, etc but I firmly believe half of the work is ceremonial. Must maintain that balance.