Met with a museum from southern Michigan today and the meeting went very well. The museum wants to get on the agenda for the spring 2010 NAGPRA Review Committee to present for a disposition concerning their CUI collection. We talked about what paperwork needs to be in and when, and also how the tribes are acting together in this work. It is a good thing we are starting now, because this museum is at a university and things are getting busy there. We have plenty of time to get all the required tasks done, the big one having the request from the museum into National NAGRPA office by Feb. 5, 2009. In addition to the CUI disposition, we at LTBB submitted a repatriation claim for a set of remains in their collection. This museum will know NAGPRA much better in the next year, especially the Federal Register Notice process.
I am in the midst of NAGRPA work this week, with a 4 day road trip. Tomorrow and Friday I conduct interviews for our documentation grant and head back home Saturday. Then I am coming back down state next week to retrieve human remains from a repatriation claim LTBB submitted earlier this spring. It’s a lot of time on the road, but this is how things get done. The meeting today was very productive and I don’t think that kind of production could have been had from phone conversations and emails. When I make the drive and am physically present with museum staff, it shows how serious we take the issue of repatriation. As I always say, we are dealing with people, even though they may be deceased, they are still people.