Yesterday was so busy I forgot to write about what I did. Had meetings most of the day, one with the grant writer and the other with the Cultural Advisory Committee at LTBB. The Cultural Committee is mainly focused on youth and getting them involved, through various departments, on being more involved in traditional activities. I am always in need of a hand when I am out in the field. Whether it’s cutting wood and picking rocks for a sweat, fixing crosses or harvesting other cultural resources. It’s not the most glamorous work, but it’s good for the kids to get their hands dirty and to invest some effort and energy into something their ancestors did.
One of the museums (which is actually a national park, but under NAGRPA’s definition, they are a museum) I contacted earlier this summer is ready to take the next step on the disposition of CUI in their collection. This is wonderful news. I am glad they are going forward and I am glad they made the decision now, it gives us plenty of time to arrange for us to get on the agenda for the Spring 2010 Review Committee meeting in D.C.
I embark on a 4 day road trip today, taking me to three different cities in Michigan. The actual work for our documentation grant is starting and it’s very exciting. I am glad to be starting within Michigan with people I know and have worked with.