Another day coordinating for travel, providing information for museums and working with tribes on repatriations. Trying to tie up some loose ends on some grant projects we have. We had money left over from a repatriation grant, so we are applying those extra monies to a different repatriation. Two more notices I helped work on were posted in the Federal Register today, which of course makes for a good day here. One is for a disposition and the other is sacred objects affiliated to LTBB. The remains are from a museum in Michigan, the sacred objects from a museum in Wisconsin. Both about a 5hr drive from my office. I have been waiting for these notices to be published, now I can make concrete travel. I am excited, this is shaping up to be a productive fall. I have one museum that needs get it’s notice in. I am hoping they do so we can rebury before winter hits. We have to be very mindful of weather once October rolls around. It’s not unheard of for us to have a foot of snow mid November. The ground doesn’t really freeze until late December, so a early winter reburial is not out of the question. I did one last year, we didn’t get remains back until January. Good thing we have snow shoes.
The early stages of dispositions require lots of emailing and phone calls, sending information and contacting the other tribes as to what is going on. Museums like that we all work together in Michigan, that LTBB is not a rogue tribe trying to claim everything for itself. Our strength is the unity, as Anishaabek. It’s one thing to say this, but when a museum starts receiving support letters from all the different tribes, it show we mean what we say.
I get to add two more notices to my little wall. The one museum we contacted way back in 1994 (I was a junior in h.s.). After all these years, the items are almost home.