Amazing what one phone call get accomplish. The National Forest I contacted two days ago called back today and are very much interested in a disposition for the Spring 2010 meeting in D.C. The archaeologist I spoke with was knowledgeable about NAGPRA, CUI and the Review Committee. I called him two days ago and he did some research of his own, mainly on the National NAGPRA website. This was all a pleasant surprise and should make things run smoothly. He even knew I was on the Review Committee, but I reminded him I am contacting him as a researcher for LTBB and not as a RC member. I can work on dispositions up until the day of the actual meeting, then I must recuse my self from making any comments. Hopefully the next National Park I contact will be as willing to work with us as this one.
Sec. 106 struck again, eating up a portion of my afternoon. It seems half of our notices are for cell phone towers in urban areas. Once that was taken care of, it was onto helping organize travel for the Review Committee Meeting this October. The museum we are going through with a disposition has some grant funds to help tribes who want to send representatives to the meeting. We would have an Odawa/Ottawa, Ojibwe/Chippewa and a Potawatomi all present at the meeting( a first for us) all of whom make up the Anishnaabek. We just have to figure which Odawa, Ojibwe and Potawatomi to send.
If all goes well, we can have multiple dispositions at the Spring RC meeting in D.C. The most we had at one meeting was 4, which was in DePere, Wis for the Spring 08 meeting. I am happy we have enjoyed this successes lately but I remind myself not to become complacent, to keep working and to have drive. Those old ancestors are waiting and they have been waiting along time to be free.