The next step after locating what museums have remains from Michigan, is contacting those museums. This can take some time. Finding a department chair or supervisor is not always cut and dry. And once I do make contact with correct person, getting a response is another matter. I contacted two universties and a first for me, a National Forest. I am pretty sure this NF doesn’t get many calls about human remains. It will be interesting to speak with them in person.
More books we ordered came in, always an exciting thing for me. One of them deals with Pontiac’s War, a subject I have immense interest in. Another book I am anxious to have in our office is one that just got printed. It is called “the art of tradition” and it was originally written in 1955 by our tribal chair’s family. It has a ton of interviews with long passed elders, songs, dances, etc. Any books that deal directly with Little Traverse are always given priority. We have a few out there and they have been extremely helpful in repatriation claims.
My planner is already filling up for sept. oct and nov. a third of these plans are ceremonies. Fall time is jam packed. I got invited to go ricing out in Minnesota the end of the month. I have never gathered wild rice and I am excited to learn.