Just started the work on our Documentation Grant. Contacting tribes on which airport is closest, dates to visit, etc. The one museum we are working with on this project is in Michigan, a short trip. Plus this museum is going through with a disposition with the tribes at the Oct. 09 Review Committee meeting, they will be able to add some nice and meaningful context to our project. I might call or have some of the other museums we have worked with on dispositions send in a letter to give their feelings on what the process meant to them. I think it’s important to show this effects the museum in a positive way also.
Went through the CUI database once again. Wrote down notes for each museum that has CUI from Michigan. The evidence for a possible affiliation, what museums I have yet to contact, what stages we are in with museums for dispositions and what museum are done. This list will provide the start, hopefully, for future presentations before the Review Committee.
Section 106 took over the latter part of the day. Most of them are sent via email now, which makes more sense, but it allows for more to come in faster and my mailbox fills up mighty fast with these. Once Sec.106 replies were out of the way, worked with a museum in Ohio on a possible disposition for spring 2010. Anishnaabek were certainly in northern Ohio, and the museums in Ohio have a huge number of CUI in their possession. If we can free a few, it’s better then none at all. A large part of the job is scanning files over and over, looking for that piece of evidence to change the status of a set of remains from CUI to affiliated. It could be as simple as a piece of metal with the remains, or a button. We at LTBB have been able to work with three museums here in Michigan on affiliating remains to LTBB that were previously CUI. Small steps but they are steps forward.