Finally got my office squared away, now I can crank out some work. A good part of the day was spent on the phone, with National NAGRPA on some claims and with some museums. Sometimes you just have to give a museum a call and speak with somebody. Universities can be harder to get a hold of, with classes and such, but they usually have the majority of remains, so persistence is a must. The museum I contacted wants to have everything ready to go for a disposition for the spring 2010 meeting in D.C. That is music to this Odawa’s ears.
I am awaiting anxiously for some books that we ordered. Not only do they provide more historical information, but they may have that one source that fills the gap in a claim, that one thing putting us at a certain place or us doing a certain activity. You need the right tools for the job and books are part of my tool box (along with big chainsaws, cant hooks and mauls!).
My friend is cutting 2x4s and making crosses for the unmarked Odawa graves in Emmet County. Some cemeteries have maps of where the graves are, but others will have to wait until we get some ground penetrating radar. One cemetery here has somewhere around 100 unmarked graves, many of them children. It’s sad. Dealing with children in my line of work is the hardest thing. Reburials of children’s‘ remains is by far the most difficult thing I have done, ever.