My second Review Committee, as a member of the committee, is coming up in October. The first meeting was pretty nerve wracking for me, I am looking forward to this one more. I receive a binder, anywhere from 8-12 inches thick of material, about two months before the meeting. It’s a ton of reading, but it’s interesting to me, as I deal with the same type of issues and work day in and day out. It’s refreshing to see other museums going forward and returning CUI to tribes.
Beyond the dispositions, there are certain aspects of the NAGRPA law that are under change, most notably the regs that CUI fall under. I am optimistic these new regs will be out soon and we will have more to work with, besides a museum telling us they are waiting for the new regs.
Since it’s been raining so much, I will probably have to cut the grass at the cemeteries soon. There are a few standing dead trees in the cemeteries that need to go also, which means I get to break out the chainsaws, something I enjoy. We use the woods for cemeteries, so nothing goes to waste. I got the majority of our wood cut this spring, when it was cooler and before the bugs came out. I have an Odawa bud of mine help me out with this chore, it makes the work easier and it’s safer to have two guys in the woods when a chainsaw is running.
So things are pretty diverse in my little department. I am glad I worked in both an Archives and a Tree company before coming here, ya never know when you will put into use things you learn along the way.