Many a day are spent coordinating. This morning was such a day, especially with news of our new grant, I have to notify all the tribes I contacted and requested to work with us. The sooner I can plan for trips, meeting, etc. the better. I figure if I give somebody 6 months to a year notice, they can schedule me in. I am eager to see how other tribes go about in their repatriation efforts. I spend a lot of time in my office doing this work, it will be nice to meet others who do the same and work on something that has the ability to help others.
Besides the grant, there is getting the dispositions from the spring 09 meeting taken care of, as well as repatriations for LTBB and a few speaking engagements I have in my area. Local museums and historical societies bring me in to talk about my job, but the session usually turns into a question and answer session. The questions are varied, from “do i have an American passport” to “where do you bury the remains”. People are fascinated with Indian remains, I don’t know why. But I have to remind my self there is no dumb questions, and many of these people haven’t had the opportunity to speak with an Indian in person. The one piece of information that really gets people is if you live in Emmet County, you are on our reservation. Some people don’t know what quite to think, but it’s good they are thinking.