Section 106 replies creep up on me, and before I know it, I have a whole pile of them to respond to. 99% of the time the areas are not within my tribe’s reservation boundaries, but once in a great while a project is and we need to respond. Plus we offer any assistance in our responses to areas outside of our rez. If remains or a burial is discovered and a tribe is not in the immediate vicinity to help, we offer assistance. So this morning was Sec.106 replies, lots of them.
I guess I needed some variety in my life, so I volunteered to host 3 teen age boys from Hong Kong for a few days. They are part of a traveling choir, which comprises 400 kids from half a dozen countries, that is touring the USA. They speak english well enough and are agreeable little guys. I don’t know what they think of my cooking, as all I eat is Ezekiel bread, meat, pasta, yogurt and eggs (with a healthy amount of berries and a few veggies thrown in). I guess it’s not too bad, they eat everything and go back for seconds. I told them while they are staying with me, they are on a weight gaining bodybuilding diet. They looked at me like I was half crazy.
LTBB will be hosting a welcoming ceremony for all the kids tomorrow night. I will be helping with this, as some of the Odawa kids are performing in front of a very large audience tomorrow night and will need a little encouragement. This is a great opportunity to show other nations that the Indigenous people of Michigan are still here and we are not something just in movies. Indians have more stereotypes then any other race. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Indians are gone, or only on reservations. Hopefully we can clear up some misinformation in the next few days.