I just found out today that LTBB has been awarded a documentation grant through National NAGPRA. I am very excited about this. The project we are working on, I hope, will benefit tribes across the country in their repatriation efforts. We at LTBB are putting together a repatriation manual, something to guide tribes in their quest to have remains and objects brought back home. Many times, tribes whom have new staff or a new NAGPRA department, need the most practical information to get a jump start on their work. This manual will take the advice and helpful hints, not just from LTBB(we don’t want to claim to be the know all of repatriation), but from tribes across the country who have had success in their repatriation efforts. I will write more about this as it develops. This will dictate a lot of my work load in the next year.
Now that the report for the disposition is out, I can focus on the repatriations we have in the works. Some are with Universities, and they are almost unreachable the month of September. It’s good to have everything lined up before school starts. Plus living in the Michigan, travel has to be planned with weather in mind. I love Michigan with all my heart, but man winter does a number on traveling!
Ceremonies are coming up in August, then in October/November, and travel has to be planned around those as well. These are priority, without them, nothing would work for me. Being surrounded by books, paper, working with laws, museums, etc. I have to remind myself of the bigger picture. These are old Anishnaabek, wanting to be back home, sacred objects being neglected. Being around the ceremonies put the fuel in my tank to get some work done.