Today started out as planned, I am working with our GIS department mapping Odawa cemeteries on our rez. A big part of my job in the summer is maintenance for about a half dozen of these cemeteries. We fix and replace crosses, cut grass, take dead trees out, etc. I really like it, it gets me outside and there’s a good feeling when you clean these places up. Anyways, a project GIS and my department are working on is eventually making maps of these cemeteries, with each known grave mapped out. So, when a relative comes to our department, looking for their great grandma who has passed, we can send them to the exact plot.
After mapping in the morning, my boss told me to be at the office after lunch. Somebody was bringing us something. The details were very vague. I met with this individual who had a package for us. I was guessing it was remains and it was. Once or twice a year, we have people who “donate” remains to us. These people inherit these remains from their grandfather or father, who performed amateur digs in the state. If they give us the remains, the remains usually are from our rez, Emmet County. We don’t ask questions and simply thank the people for doing the right thing. Immediately I set out to rebury. Reburial ceremonies are the highlight of my job, it’s very rewarding to help these ancestors who have been unable to help themselves.