Just returned from Fort Necissity in Penn. yesterday. Worked with the staff there on a very exciting project for next year. Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians (LTBB) has been consulting with Fort Necissity on a Odawa exhibit for their center. Odawa warriors were present at the battle, which occurred on July 3, 1755 and this battle kicked off the Seven Years War between France and England. This battle was the only battle George Washington surrendered in his military career. Hopefully by next year, we can pull together a display focusing on the Odawa, what a Odawa warrior would have worn at the battle and some background information on who we are and why we were so far away from home fighting.
Of course when I got back in my office ( I should have taken the day off) I had to deal with Section 106 replies . We also have 4 repatriation claims out right now, one of which is for human remains. It’s always good to keep on task with these, see where the museums are in their responses and federal register notices. Plus, from the fall 08 NAGPRA review committee, the tribes in Michgian worked with 3 museums from Michigan on dispositions at this meeting, and we are in the process of getting the remains back from these museums.